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Missing Kitty

Today was a beautiful day, so although I didn’t think I had time to run, I decided to go anyway. I felt unbelievably sluggish, which surprised me because usually a sunny day in February is rejuvenating. In truth, I left without finishing my first cup of coffee. I blame that and not the fact that I’m out of shape.

So while I ran, my phone whistled to let me know I had a text. Not wanting to miss a thing, I had to stop and quickly check it out. It was my dentist, confirming my appointment for later this morning. It’s only the sixth text I’ve received to confirm this appointment, so I’m really glad I stopped to check.

But the really big excitement is the kitty that appeared in our front yard overnight. We don’t know where she came from, but the look on her face tells us she isn’t friendly. We’re doing our best not to approach her, but the kids really want to pick her up.



One comment on “Missing Kitty

  1. Where did this thing come from?

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