Running Thoughts

I love the flattering self portraits I can take with my iPhone.

I love the flattering self portraits I can take with my iPhone.

I went running today for the first time in weeks. I thought I’d be training for a half marathon right now, but it just isn’t working out the way I’d planned. Instead, I’m just going to try to get out and run more than once a month. Is it doable? I think so.

Today began with a frustrating search for a hat and gloves. I used to have several, but my four girls have done a fantastic job of scattering them all around the North Hills. It isn’t enough to lose their own. They must then move on to mine. Grrr. I posted a picture of what I ended up wearing today. It’s no surprise that the serious runner who was going to join me this morning needed a break today. Actually, she did need a break today, but this getup would’ve also been a good excuse not to join me!

I did get ogled by an old man sitting in his car. That was something.

It was an icy run, and by the time I got home I really had to pee. (I always make sure to drink plenty of coffee before I run in the morning. Gives me energy.) I struggled with my house key, which was securely placed in a zippered pocket in the back on my running pants. A really narrow, long pocket. I nearly ripped my pants off on the front porch just so I could get my stupid key out. Thankfully, that was not necessary, and my very effective potty dance held me off until I was able to unlock the door.

Whew! Maybe less coffee next time?


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  1. You are so cute.

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