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Using up scraps


Yesterday was a sick day at home with my youngest. I had planned on a glorious day of shopping and errands while the twins were at an extended preschool day, but that all changed before we even left the house in the morning. Instead of wallowing in the disappointment of being stuck at home (for too long), I used the time at home to work on a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for some time. Washable sandwich wraps! Exciting, no?

I used scraps of PUL fabric and crazy-strong velcro left over from my days of cloth diapering. (I had taken a clumsy stab at making my own diaper covers back in the hazy days of twin babies.) Some of the fabric was double-sided cloth, but the best colors were only cloth on one side. Because I don’t think PUL fabric is known to be food safe, I sewed on another scrap of fabric to cover the plastic side. The best part was that when I got frustrated with my sewing machine, which happens often, I had a cozy 4-year-old love bug ready to give me some snuggles. That afternoon, the girls were all really excited to use the wraps in their lunches, I used up a lot of scrap material, and now we can use fewer plastic bags. Success!

Please note, I used a friend’s sandwich wrap as my template and adjusted it to fit my taste. I won’t bother to post a pattern here because it wasn’t really my own design. You can find many great patterns and tutorials online, though.


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