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Decade of babies

My first baby turned 10 last month. A decade of parenthood filled with extreme joy, lunacy, learning, and change. Every year brought its own challenges and triumphs. Whether it was one of those nerve-wracking first outings with one newborn, or trips to the zoo with double strollers, harnesses and Baby Bjorns, each took so much effort! I hardly remember 2007, when the twins were tiny newborns, but I do know there were continuous feedings, a great deal of amazement, many appointments, and a lot of crying and praying. We’ve gone from mountains of diapers to piles of homework. From nursing babies to concocting dinners that all six of us will eat. From controlling every facet of our children’s environment to keeping up with what happens while they’re out of our sight. They are all becoming smart, beautiful young girls…and all so completely different. Now our older two are in elementary school, and those tiny babies have grown up overnight and will enter Kindergarten in the fall. Where does that leave me? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. But for now, I’m blessed to fill my days with my little ones. Trying to treasure all I can while also transitioning to what I’m only assuming will be a phase that’s busier, more nerve-wracking, and if possible, even more wonderful than before.


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